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Myofascial Pain

Acupuncture and IMS (dry needling therapies) have become the standard treatment for myofascial pain - releasing trigger points, or tight bands of tissue in muscles. These knots can feel like small lumps in the muscle or even thick ropes and cause pain and mobility issues both at the site and elsewhere in the body

Simple pain, or even issues in the lower legs & arms do well in the group acupuncture room where treatment focuses directly on these areas. Other pains often do better with treatment in private room where we have better access to the neck, back and other areas. Individual acupuncture & IMS treatment directly treats knots in muscles, wherever they are, and we also include a focus on the neurological aspects of the pain. We incorporate treating the nerves which supply the affected muscles as they come off the spine as well as regulating parasympathetic function to relax the entire body and increase circulation.

We also provide trigger point injections which takes the approach of acupuncture and IMS and takes it to next level pain relief.

Neuropathic Pain

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is often regarded as one of the most painful conditions that people suffer from. More than just pain, CRPS can lead to changes in the skin and hair growth of the affected area and can lead to atrophy of muscles, osteoporosis and rigidity of tendons & joints if left untreated.

At this clinic we treat neuropathic pain with Perineural Therapy, a very effective but underused method of treatment. This injection "binds to presynaptic calcium channels, inhibiting the release of neurodegenerative peptides, thus decreasing neurogenic inflammation. This results in pain reduction, regression of soft tissue swelling, and relief of CCI constrictions, restoring normal nerve growth factor flow, facilitating nerve repair, and providing almost instantaneous analgesic effect lasting from hours to days."

A course of treatment is often required to fully release constricted nerves for lasting results, but this treatment goes beyond opioid and cannabis treatments which can be effective at masking the pain but do little to treat the problem.

Conditions from RPS/CRPS to sciatica and more repsond very well to treatment.

Joint Pain & Arthritis

Acupuncture has a long history of research showing many positive benefits in treating conditions like osteoarthritis in the knee and other joints, even degenerative disc disease.

At Nanaimo Acupuncture it's less common that use acupuncture for arthritis; focusing on RIT, particularly prolotherapy and medical ozone injections which repair and regenerate ligaments, tendons and cartilage. For mild to moderate arthritis Regenerative Injection Therapy is our treatment of choice - it stabilises and strengthens joints for healthier function and less pain. RIT also treats the muscles and fascia around joints to relieve tension which may be contributing to the joint issues. For serious structural damage, consultation with your physician is advised to see if these therapies are suitable or if surgery is advised.

Even recurring structural issues involving the SI joint or the shoulders, knees and others can be resolved with RIT. No need for weekly treatment and months of maintenance over several years; the goal of these treatments is to repair the tissue, not just to keep putting things back into place and hoping they stay.

To wrap it all up

Whether you're dealing with an acute injury or chronic pain;
Whether your back hurts at one place or if you're suffering from sciatica;
Regardless if your pain results from an injury or even stress & grief related, acupuncture, IMS or injection therapy can help.

We offer a comprehensive range of treatments that help get pain down and even treat the source of the pain including specific therapies to treat scar & adhesion release which may be leading to pain and restricted movement as well as treatment cor headaches and concussion recovery.


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