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Concussion Recovery

Recovery from any injury to the central nervous system takes time. We've seen people coming for in for treatment dealing with ongoing signs & symptoms even years after an injury. It's a process and can involve the efforts of a treatment team more so than other types of injury.

There are several things you can do on your own to help:

  • Dietary changes: anti-inflammatory diet and increase Omega 3, evidence is still ongoing for these, but it doesn't hurt to eat healthy.
  • Sleep & rest as often as you need
  • Limit physical, social and cognitive activity
  • Avoiding high risk activities in the future

And there are some thing that are best done with the guidance of trained health professionals:
  • Guidance for a gradual return to activities, it's important to pace your activity to heal neural pathways without aggravating the damage.
  • Vestibular & visual rehab is a speciality training to help help with sensory input to the brain and treat concussion
  • Physical therapy like acupuncture, injection therapy and other manual treatments (chiropractic, massage, etc)

Concussion & Whiplash

A study of Canadian junior hockey players examined head injuries which caused concussion as well as body injuries which caused whiplash and neck trauma. What they discovered that in 100% of cases, a body injury which caused whiplash also caused concussion and that head injury causing concussion also involved whiplash. There may be cases where a concussion occurs without any whiplash damage, but the signs & symptoms are so similar that they can be very difficult to differentiate; headaches, emotional & cognitive changes and issues with balance and dizziness.

It's important to note that women suffer more serious injury as well as stronger and longer lasting symptoms than men do from the same activity and injury type. So this needs to be taken into account for condition and recovery.

The central nervous system is complex, especially around the head and neck where some nerves are directly attached to the brain. Obviously no treatment we do as acupuncturists will be directly applied to the brain or spinal cord but by treating nerves in the neck we can access and treat the brain at the same time.

How we treat concussion

Clayton prefers to treat concussion (and whiplash) with Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT) and/or acupuncture.
Acupuncture is the simpler treatments, focusing on circulation without causing further stress or inflammation while RIT can also act as a nerve block for early instant relief. Acupuncture and RIT are excellent treatment options for concussion and whiplash injury; providing effective, non-opioid treatment for pain, relaxing the nervous system, and aiding mood and sleep. The focus of treatment at Nanaimo Acupuncture involves restoring neurological health, resolving myofascial tension and helping repair ligament & tendon damage in the cervical spine.

How we treat depends on the condition of the injury as well as the personal comfort of each client.


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