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What are Trigger Point Injections?

Trigger point injections take the idea of traditional acupuncture & modern IMS techniques to release constricted or tight muscles and take it to another level. Where trigger point therapy, or dry needling can use aggressive stimulation the trigger point injection is more gentle and provides the physical benefit of the injection solution.

The end result is that in this clinic we see faster results with these injections then either acupuncture or IMS.

Acupoints: Short for acupuncture points, these include the standard acupuncture points all over the body as well as any additional tender points. These have been gradually discovered and used for thousands of years and often overlap the more recent motor & trigger points.

Motor Points: These refer to the location where nerves enter a muscle, tension in the muscle or fascia can entrap the nerve leading to pain and dysfunction in the area.

Trigger Points: These are simply the painful areas (usually created by nodules or tightness) in muscles and fascia; they're often caused by injury or muscle strain. These are known traditionally in acupuncture as Ashi (ouch) points and have been used for around 1500 years before western medicine rediscovered them.

What does it do?

By injecting right into the trigger points we're accomplishing what other needling therapies like acupuncture and IMS do with a fraction of the treatment and associated discomfort. We want to do more with less. Our goal it to release these muscle contractions so the muscle can relax to its normal resting length so the pain goes away and movement becomes easier.

What does it treat?

Trigger Point injections treat myofascial pain; if there’s an area where the muscles are sore, even if it's causing the pain nearby, it can release them and stop the pain.

Trigger point injections are specifically effective at treating:

  • Deep muscle pain
  • Lumbar pain & sciatica
  • Tight neck, nape & shoulders
  • TMJ Disorder

Together with Perineural treatments we can effectively and quickly treat pain from nearly anywhere.

What does it cost?

A point injection treatment, which usually uses a combination of trigger point and perineural injections starts at $100 and is adjusted depending on the amount of treatment required.

For complete information on payment types we accept as well as insurance billing, please visit our section on payment types on our fee schedule.

What are my other options?

Acupuncture or IMS treatment can also target muscle knots and myofascial pain. It can take a bit longer to get results but for people who are anxious about injections they offer a similar focus.

Trigger point injections get to deeper tissues than other treatments: community acupuncture won't release these tight tissues and neural therapy is too shallow.


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Nanaimo Acupuncture is looking for a like-minded acupuncturist looking to join an independent clinic.

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