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Information for new patients at
Nanaimo Acupuncture

Nanaimo Acupuncture uses Jane, which provides online scheduling as well as an electronic charting system. Your personal information is much safer and secure this way that any other means. Jane also allows you to create a unique user account where you can fill out almost all of the required paperwork, access your entire appointment history, download receipts and reports and also provides a means of communicating securely with staff.

During your initial consultation we will discuss the treatment options available to you including risks & benefits, cost and alternative treatments. We want you to make an informed decision for your care so you will be as happy with your treatment as possible.

At Nanaimo Acupuncture we strive to provide patient centred care; providing holistic care which looks beyond individual symptoms to your complete health while maintaining focus on getting you feeling better.

Cancellation policy

For private appointments, the room is booked for you and you alone. If you don't show up, or cancel very late, then it's very difficult to find another person who wants that appointment spot
For this we've recently instituted a policy of charging fees for this, at a rate of 50% of the original treatment cost.

Commitment to care

In our professional experience, spanning tens of thousands of treatments, there is no treatment that always provides an instant cure. Everyone has a story about someone with shoulder pain who is amazingly cured after one treatment - sometimes the stars align and we all get lucky. But everyone also has a story about someone who never got any relief, fortunately these are rare but it does happen. The vast majority of time people get lasting results after a series of treatments, the number of which depend on your health & condition, the type of treatment you receive and often how regularly you get treatment.

We will never dictate your treatment to you and require you to stick to a schedule that we set for you. It's your body and if you know that you're in pain then we hope that you will come in for treatment. Acupuncture & RIT work, they are very effective treatments for pain and a whole lot more, but they only work if you use them.

Before any treatment

For the most part, you just need to come wearing comfortable clothing and come to relax; the more comfortable you are during your time here, the more effective the treatment and the more pleasant your experience.

It is essential that you know not to come for treatment hungry or fasting. This is especially true for RIT treatments but is important for any acupuncture or needling therapy that you have enough energy to complete your treatment. When booking certain conditions your practitioner my have specific instructions which will be communicated to you prior to treatment.

Informed consent

Having proper consent is very important to us at Nanaimo Acupuncture; we want you to feel in control over what's happening with you and your treatment. This is why we have some simple guidelines:

1. Know what you’re getting into and ask any questions you want, any time.
2. Figure out what you’re comfortable with, nothing happens without your approval.
3. Verbalise it, and if at any point during your treatment you feel uncomfortable just let us know.


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Nanaimo Acupuncture
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"Emergency" appointments are available, just call to arrange if outside of standard office hours.

In real emergencies, please call 911.