All about the Clinic

Nanaimo Acupuncture began in 2009 as Island Community Acupuncture, one of the first Community Acupuncture clinics in Canada. The name has changed in 2013, but the ideals of providing the highest possible care at the most affordable price have stayed exactly the same.

This clinic exists for the sole purpose of providing affordable healthcare to everyone who wants it. My goal is simple, to help people get back to health, and in doing so be an example for ethical and sustainable practice. To be a true health care provider; not guided by profit, but by service.

You can book appointments online, by telephone or you can just drop in. Drop ins are always welcome, but availability might be limited as priority will always be given to people who book ahead. That being said, we are more than happy to fit you in if your schedule makes it difficult to set a solid appointment.

I do not have a penalty for missed appointments; I know that sometimes life throws in a few curve balls when we make plans and I don’t want to punish you for when that happens. But a phone call would be great so I don't worry and so we can give someone else your spot if you can't make it.

We are at the corner of Selby & Franklyn in the beige cinderblock building, just look for the hummingbird! There’s plenty of parking on Selby St, right in front of the clinic as well as around the building on Franklyn, all free for 2 hours.