Acupuncture Injection Therapies

Nanaimo Acupuncture strives to be at the forefront of acupuncture treatment so we can provide you with the best treatment options for whatever is bothering you.

Not only do we provide high quality and affordable acupuncture treatment which works to improve circulation and relax the nervous system, we also incorporate different injection therapies. Perineural or Neural Prolotherapy for nerve entrapments, Acupoint Injections for combining acupuncture with herbal, medicinal and homeopathic remedies and Trigger Point Injections for muscle ad fascia issues.

Training in all point injection therapies are done through ARIABC, which trains acupuncturists across North America to exacting standards.

Need help deciding which therapy is right for you? There's more information linked below plus you can discuss these more in-depth with your acupuncturist.

Perineural, Epineural & Neural Prolotherapy

Neural Therapies are gentle, superficial injections into the fascia and tissues which surround the peripheral nerves.

When a nerve fibre gets stuck or inflamed you get pain; strong, burning nerve pain so treatment focuses on releasing the entrapment and stopping the release of pain chemicals in the body.

Periineural is the treatment of choice for fibromyalgia, specifically effective at treating pain due to nerve entrapments, complex regional pain syndromes, chronic constrictive injuries, neuralgia, neuropathy or neurogenic pain. It's also used for treating autonomic dysfunction and scars.

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Acupoint, Motor Point and Trigger Point Injections

Similar to IMS, but so much more.

This treatment still focuses on directly clearing constricted muscle fibres but with gentle injection in place of aggressive needling or electrical stimulation.

When a muscle is constricted for a long period of time, the structure of it changes forming knots & adhesions affecting nerves and blood flow which can lead to arthritis, wear & tear and other degenerative and inflammatory conditions.

Injection therapies are the preferred choice for many amateur & professional athletes recovering from injuries as well as for people recovering from accidents and physical trauma.

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Other Therapies Coming Soon!

Acupuncture is a deep practice, people spend years learning it and decades mastering it.

If someone has respect for the practice of any healthcare modality (and public safety), they don't take a course over a weekend and then start using it on patients on Monday. I'm taking my time to study and incorporate new ideas and practices; point injection therapies might look quite a bit different, but they're closer to acupuncture than they are to anything else. So keep tuned for what's coming soon:

  • Prolotherapy
  • Ozone injection
  • PRP regeneration therapy