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When I was in school, back in the 90's, I was told that acupuncture was "effective, safe and affordable" - since then, I've seen the cost of a single acupuncture treatment triple. It's been a challenge to keep true to those ideals through the years.

After four years of school and a couple of extra trips to China, I began to practice acupuncture in 2004. And acupuncture is all I do; I studied massage and herbal medicine at school, but I really see the value in learning to do one thing well.

Acupuncture is like a language; a few months to learn but a few decades to master. Every course I take still reminds me of just how much I have to learn. Even with every treatment I give offers a unique experience to learn and do better.

In 2009 I switched to the sliding scale, community acupuncture model. I had a lot of patients on a fixed income or underemployed who couldn't afford to come in for enough treatment. Since I couldn't change how much money people made, I reckoned that I could change what I charged.

Proper healthcare requires compassion and there are ethical & moral issues with denying care to people who need it, but can't afford it.


International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Vancouver:
4 Year Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine programme

Professional Affiliations

CTCMA - Registered Acupuncturist in BC
ATCMA - Board Representative Vancouver Island (2017-)
ARIABC - Professional Member

Certifications & Training

ARIABC - Point Injection Level 1 & 2
Huang Lichun - Auricular Acupuncture
Jimmy Chang - Pulsynergy
Matsumoto Kiiko - Japanese Acupuncture
Mizutani Junji - Japanese Moxibustion
NADA - Acupuncture Detox
Richard Tan - Balance Method Acupuncture
Robert Doane - Distal Needling Acupuncture
Susan Johnson - Dong Family Acupuncture