All about Nanaimo Acupuncture

Nanaimo Acupuncture began in 2009 as Island Community Acupuncture, one of the first Community Acupuncture clinics in Canada. The name changed in 2013, but the ideals of providing the highest possible care at the most affordable price have stayed exactly the same.

This clinic exists to provide affordable healthcare to everyone who wants it. My goal is simple, to help people get back to health, and in doing so be an example for ethical and sustainable practice. To be a true health care provider; not guided by profit, but by service. We provide affordable acupuncture in a group setting as well as cutting edge treatments one on one including acupoint injection therapy and neural prolotherapy.

We are at the corner of Selby & Franklyn in the beige cinderblock building, just look for the hummingbird! There’s plenty of parking on Selby St, right in front of the clinic as well as around the building on Franklyn, all free for 2 hours.


I am grateful to Clayton for making acupuncture available for everybody and for being so generous with his skills and time. It gives me great hope and comfort.

After 3 sessions I am a believer. Thank you Clayton for your skills and great personality!

A perfect balance of relaxation and relief on too many levels to list! You have to try it once and you will see for yourself. Clayton, thank you so much for your generosity of time, spirit, skill and intellect. You're truly effecting change in our community by making this treatment available & within the reach anyone really.

After all these years if I'd wish I would have known that acupuncture would have been so effective in relieving several chronic conditions. Clayton is a true expert in this field of healing. Thank you!

Once Again I am blown away by the immediate results >*)) My body is definitely thanking me for these treatments.

At first I was nervous getting acupuncture in a room with other people. Not only was I more relaxed and comfortable than I had been with other acupuncturists, but my pain went away faster. After two treatments I was pain free and I kept my third appointment just for the relaxation. Three treatments for less than the price of one at my old acupuncturist!