Separate cost from quality

$20 - $40 per treatment?

Yes, everyone pays between $20 and $40, at an amount that you choose yourself.
There is no difference in the quality, or length of treatment if you pay less, or more.

Think of it as a $40 treatment and you can apply your own discount, up to 50%, any time you want.

To answer a few common questions:

  • Yes, I am fully licensed to practice acupuncture. I have two years of nursing school followed by four years of comprehensive training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, herbology and massage) including internships at several hospitals and clinics in China. I've been in practice since 2004.
  • Yes, this is the same high level of care that you expect at any acupuncture or IMS/physio clinic; it's just at a good price so you can afford regular treatment.
  • Yes, you will get the same level of care regardless of what you pay. To knowingly provide a substandard level of care is unethical.
  • Yes, this is the price for everyone; there’s no high price listed on the wall with a secret "friend & family" discount.
  • Appointments are approximately one hour long regardless of what you pay.

Why do I charge so little?

My job is to help you get better fast and the best way to do that is for you to get several treatments over a period of time. Like any other therapist, I would ask someone in a lot of pain to come in for treatment a couple of times a week for a few weeks to get the symptoms managed. My goal is to help you get the results you want fast - get the pain down to zero, get pregnant safely, whatever you want.

Healthcare needs to be sustainable, it needs to function in a way that allows everyone who needs it to be able to access it.
One of the he biggest barriers to healthcare is the cost. If you can’t afford treatment, then you probably won’t get treatment and the isolation and pain of what’s bothering you will stay with you. So if cost is a barrier for care, it’s up to the practitioner to deal with it.

I made the decision in 2008 to change to a low cost practice because I had many patients who were getting better, but couldn’t afford to come anymore. I don’t want to put anyone in the position to choose between healthcare and rent, or food for their family.

How do I charge so little?

I treat more than one person at a time.

It really is as simple as that. Once the needles are in, my role in your treatment is over and I can help another person. Your role in the treatment is to rest and relax; but since you’re the one relaxing, it doesn’t make sense for me to charge you money. I don’t charge rent, just for the treatment given.

What makes everything work is that when you make the commitment to frequent and regular acupuncture treatment, you should get get better faster, and for less money. Then you tell your friends, family and co-workers about the clinic and they can feel better too. I don’t want you to come in for treatment for the rest of your life; I want you to get better and only get treatment when something is wrong, or to prevent a flare up of something predictable like seasonal allergies, or anxiety during family or work stress.