Why choose Nanaimo Acupuncture?

This clinic works hard to provide the best possible healthcare at a cost that everyone can afford.
Because acupuncture treatment doesn't need to be expensive to be effective.

Whether you want to come in for short term health goals like getting your pain gone, dealing with anxiety and depression, or if you want to commit to a long-term, comprehensive treatment plan for optimal health - we're here for you.

The clinic takes the best from classical acupuncture theory & technique from China, Japan and Korea as well as incorporating modern neurological & musculoskeletal understanding and practices. Some conditions respond better to different forms of acupuncture - scalp, auricular, trigger point, IMS, etc, so we'll do what works best for whatever you're dealing with.

$20 - $40 per treatment

You decide how much you want to pay.

It’s the same high level of care as any other clinic, at a price you can afford. You should be able to afford the regular care you need to get better, fast.

Experienced Staff

Clayton Willoughby is a Registered Acupuncturist, licenced to practice in BC, and has been in practice since 2004 after 4 years of full time acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine training and over 10 months in China.


  • A perfect balance of relaxation and relief on too many levels to list! You have to try it once and you will see for yourself. Clayton, thank you so much for your generosity of time, spirit, skill and intellect. You're truly effecting change in our community by making this treatment available & within the reach anyone really.

  • After all these years if I'd wish I would have known that acupuncture would have been so effective in relieving several chronic conditions. Clayton is a true expert in this field of healing. Thank you!

  • Once Again I am blown away by the immediate results >*)) My body is definitely thanking me for these treatments.

  • I am grateful to Clayton for making acupuncture available for everybody and for being so generous with his skills and time. It gives me great hope and comfort.

Clinic Hours:

Nanaimo Acupuncture Clinic Hours

Don’t see anything that works for you?
Other times may be available by appointment only, so please call.

Safe & effective care for many health issues

Nanaimo Acupuncture is a safe place

This clinic works hard to be a safe environment for everyone in our community.

I will not discriminate by age, height, weight, ability, disability, mobility, language, accent, culture, nationality, skin colour, religion, politics, education, marital status, gender, gender identity, sexual identity, sexual orientation, employment, income level, social class, health status or anything else I forgot to add.

Our community is large & diverse so our clinic reflects this, nothing about who you are or how you identify will have any bearing on the level of care you will receive. I hope that you will find this clinic a comfortable and friendly place to come and feel better.