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Welcome to our Clinic

At Nanaimo Acupuncture we work hard to provide the most effective treatment possible.

We do acupuncture, one of the most effective treatments available for neuropathic and musculoskeletal pain for thousands of years. It has proven time and again in multiple studies to be more effective and safer than most pharmacological and therapeutic options.
Acupuncture is specifically used for stress related conditions

We also do Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT) which takes acupuncture to the next level in the treatment of pain and dysfunction.

  • Where acupuncture can calm nerves, RIT releases and resets them.
  • Where acupuncture or IMS releases tight muscles, RIT does it better and with less pain.
  • Where acupuncture eases range of motion, RIT can regenerate the joints & fascia around them.
RIT treatments are also uniquely able to treat several conditions that acupuncture and other therapies struggle with.

Whatever is the appropriate care, our goal is to get you back to health, fast.

This clinic takes the best from classical acupuncture theory & technique from China, Japan and Korea as well as incorporating modern neurological & musculoskeletal understanding and practices. We're also pleased to provide regenerative, restorative medicine to promote health and recovery rather than enabling further dependance on pills and drugs to mask symptoms.

cupuncture, IMS & RIT treatments don't need to be expensive to be effective, they just need to be used.

Acupuncture & Regenerative Injection Therapies

One on one treatment in a private room.
We do IMS and trigger point needling, neuropuncture as well as Traditional Chinese and Japanese acupuncture techniques for pain, reproductive health and much more.

Regenerative Injection Therapy to repair tendons, ligaments and cartilage bringing function and stability back to your joints.

Affordable acupuncture in a group room - for pain, labour induction and more

RIT treatment to take Acupuncture & IMS to the next level - treating pain faster and more comfortably.

RIT treatment for pain, concussion recovery and scar & adhesion release.

RIT for releasing trapped and inflamed nerves to treat neurogenic pain, fibromyalgia and more.

Acupuncture & pressure treatment to go for pain anxiety, depression and detox support.

Always free, to find the best treatment for you.

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We work hard to provide a safe environment for everyone in our community.

Our clinic is open and welcome to anyone looking for relief from pain or other health concerns. Nothing about who you are or how you identify will have any bearing on the level of care you will receive.

We hope that you will find this clinic a comfortable and friendly place to come and feel better.